Carbon fiber saddles tree

The saddle is the point of contact between horse and rider.

A good saddle tree, and consequently a good saddle, must guarantee an optimal union between the two bodies, ensuring maximum comfort for the horse and the rider.

This happens preserving the spinal tract of the horse from traumas and pressures, accompanying the movements of the animal and giving a correct posture to the jockey.

The EPI’s trees, made entirely of carbon fiber, allow these benefits to be obtained!

Carbon fiber applied to the riding sector improves the performance of the horse and rider, thanks to its characteristics of lightness and strength.

EPI can supply standard carbon fiber saddle trees or we can support the customers for a customized saddle tree productions.

Flexibility and shape can be optimized on customer’s needs.

Epi has proprietary patented technology for the adjustability of the gullet according to the size of the withers.

The main features are: Lightness and strength, Elasticity and non-deformability, Constructive precision, Comfort.

Our Trees are designed to simplify the work of the saddler who can easily insert nails, screws and studs for the assembly of the finished saddle, without altering the consolidated production process.

EPI designs and manufactures Trees for the various horse disciplines:

  • Jumping
  • Trekking
  • Dressage
  • Endurance/Cross/
  • Stirrup bars
  • Adjustable gullets

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