After Jumping and Trekking models, EPI presents the new carbon fiber dressage saddle tree! An innovative product that combines lightness, strength and extreme construction precision.

Dressage  is a highly skilled form of riding performed in exhibition and competition, as well as an “art” sometimes pursued solely for the sake of mastery,. Dressage is the highest expression of horse training where horse and rider are expected to perform from memory a series of predetermined movements.

As in other horse riding disciplines, even  in dressage it is essential for horse and rider to have a good saddle.
It represents the point of contact between the two bodies, therefore it is essential that it is able to guarantee an optimal union and to ensure maximum comfort for both.

After months of technical research, EPI has come to the development of its carbon fiber dressage saddle tree, an innovative product that meets the specific needs of enthusiasts and guarantees the saddler an internal core with high mechanical performance.

The carbon fiber dressage saddle tree, in addition to guaranteeing lightness and strength, as well as its predecessors for jumping and trekking, boasts a high constructive precision and versatility of form, which allow besides to personalize the product according to the specific needs.

Flexibility and shape retention are added to the list of excellent features that only a revolutionary material such as carbon fiber can provide, allowing optimal performance, comfort and maximum overall benefit for horse and rider.

The ductility of the carbon fiber allows to customize the size, the opening of the arch and the thickness, thus obtaining a tree that perfectly follows the morphology of the horse and gives the rider a natural and comfortable posture to follow and impose in perfect harmony the movement of the horse in any situation, without any constraint.

The range of EPI riding articles is expanded further, thus welcoming the new carbon fiber dressage saddle tree, which joins the jumping and trekking models, as well as complementary accessories.

Thanks to the careful research and experimentation carried out in recent years, EPI team has developed a strong know-how in the processing of composite materials and their application to sports equipment with a high technical content, a sector in which lightness, strength and precision are essential features for increase the athlete’s performance

EPI have started prototyping of saddle trees in 2015, after many years of studies and reasechs about composite materials and carbon fiber processing methods.

EPI trees are made out completely of carbon fiber, using autoclave process, which guarantees the highest mechanical performance.

The result is a product far lighter than the wooden one, with an important weightloss , and at the same time with a definitely higher resistance to drops and stresses.

The design and manufacturing of the saddle trees is carried out in a totally customized way to meet the needs and demands of our customers, using a production process studied in order to simplify the work of the saddle maker, which will not have to change is method.


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