Industrial Autoclaves

Epi Industrial Autoclaves

Epi has expanded its activity in the field of the construction of autoclaves and industrial furnaces.
Autoclaves find application in the most different industrial sectors: from aeronautics (carbon fiber and composites) to food, from the rubber sector to the wood and glass industry.
EPI designs and builds industrial autoclaves for all these sectors with a focus on applications for carbon fiber.
The uniformity of the temperature inside the autoclave combined with the correct control of pressure and vacuum applied to the bag, guarantee an excellent final result.
Our autoclaves represent the recognition of the thirty-year experience gained by the EPI team in the broader sector of industrial plant engineering.

Autoclaves Features

Pressures and operating temperature according to customer specifications

Pressurization gas: air / nitrogen

Heating System: Diathermic oil or electric

Water Cooling System

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