These days in Milan Technology Hub 2018 is held, the professional event that proposes new technologies for the business in an environment of integration and contamination of skills, to extend the fields of application of products and services. .
An event dedicated to all the new technological trends and related business methods, to meet the growing information needs of companies and to contribute to the innovation of the production system.

Technology Hub 2018 is  360 ° fair that guarantees business relations with professionals from different sectors . A moment of networking and interaction with the digital transformation workers of all the production sectors.
At the MiCo fieramilanocity, visitors can take part in a rich program of conferences, technical speeches and workshops dedicated to emerging technologies.
The exhibition area in fact will be combined with numerous demonstration areas and technical presentations to engage exhibitors and visitors dynamically.

The range of topics covered by conferences and workshops is really wide and covers all the themes of innovation, from drones to Bitcoin, through robots in the medical field, from virtual reality to innovative materials.

Just this last topic sees protagonist Epi-Carbon Fiber Manufacturing, which thanks to the historical collaboration with CETMA of Brindisi, takes part at Technology Hub 2018 to hold a conference dedicated to research and innovation of materials.
From mechanics to composites: Ilatro project” is the title of the presentation that traces the history of the company, telling the diversification process that has been underway for some years and which sees the transition from mechanical activity, specialized in carpentry and industrial plant engineering , to the processing of composite materials, reaching the creation of its own brand for the production and selling of luggage items.

technology hub 2018 ilatro
The history of EPI began in 1997, the year of its foundation, as a firm specialized in consulting and construction of industrial plants and in the field of heavy metal structural work, strong of decades of previous experience of the founder in this sector.

The skills acquired over the years and the proximity both to research centers on COMPOSITE MATERIALS and to the aeronautical district have pushed the company to invest in research and development on these innovative materials, primarily the CARBON FIBER.

Today the EPI is divided into two business branches:

  • Technical services and industrial carpentry
  • Composite materials manufactory

A few years ago the EPI started its journey with COMPOSITE MATERIALS, studying its possible applications and production processes, in collaboration with CETMA, both in terms of production processes and product engineering.

The next step was the creation of a new company division dedicated to the manufacture of carbon fiber components, set up with self-construction autoclaves.
Thanks to the skills developed by EPI and the studies of the production processes used in the aeronautical field, the ILATRO project was born in 2015.
Also in the luggage sector in recent years the search for new materials is one of the main themes in terms of innovation; the carbon fiber, thanks to its versatility, high performance in terms of resistance-weight and aesthetic value, is a revolutionary and totally innovative element.

Based on this, ILATRO offers hand-made luggage items with the most advanced technologies in the field of composite materials, combining the incredible properties of CARBON FIBER with MADE IN ITALY design and style.
ILATRO suitcases, with a very low weight, allow to travel with ease and lightness, but at the same time guaranteeing strength and quality.

The ILATRO collection, made up of 3 models, is addressed to a demanding and innovative traveler, who seeks maximum functionality in his luggage, without sacrificing quality and design.

In addition to  ILATRO brand, EPI carries on the parallel activity of composite materials, addressing different market sectors as partners in the development of innovative components and objects characterized by the integration of composite materials to improve the performance of the finished product.

The main sectors of reference are in addition to the suitcases, for professional and personal use, equitation – and in general sports that require equipment with high technological content- and the furniture-design sector, where the composite materials gives a constructive and aesthetic contribute .

The constant research and experimentation that guides the company and the great versatility of carbon fiber allow the team to study and experiment with solutions for ever more diverse applications and industrial areas, totally customized according to customer needs.