SPOGA HORSE and ILM OFFENBACH 2018: the unmissible trade fairs of September.

September opened with two very important trade fairs to which EPI team could not miss. The main events relating to two of our reference industrial sectors were, in fact, held a few days ago in Germany.

We are talking about SPOGA HORSE, the international fair dedicated to the equestrian world, and ILM OFFENBACH, a reference event in the world of luggage.
Two sectors distant but united for us by the potential of carbon fiber. This material, with its innovative features and unique performance,perfectly suits to the application in both sectors, as demonstrated by the products designed and manufactured by EPI in recent years.

Spoga Horse is one of the largest trade fairs dedicated to the equestrian world. Twice a year, Spoga Horse brings together global supply and demand for equestrian sports in Cologne to present major innovations and define industry trends.
Epi – Carbon Fiber Manufacturing team took part in this edition to present the innovations inherent to the carbon fiber saddle trees  and sports equipment.

EPI have started prototyping of saddle trees in 2015, after many years of studies and reasechs about composite materials and carbon fiber processing methods.
Our carbon fiber saddle trees are made out  using autoclave process, which guarantees the highest mechanical performance.
The result is a tree far lighter than the wooden one, with a huge weightloss but with a definitely higher resistance to drops and stresses.

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ILM Offenbach has been one of the main international trade fairs for the world of leather goods, luggage and accessories for 60 years. With a strong focus on innovation and design, the event offers a wide and representative range of high quality products, acting as a valuable platform for information, communication and business.

EPI, as well as the past years, took part in the fair, to present its know-how in the field of carbon fiber luggage, one of the most recent and striking innovations in the travel items sector.
In recent years, in fact, several leading companies are investing heavily in research and development of new materials, launching exclusive carbon products on the market, aimed at a high-end target.
Over the past few years EPI has developed deep expertise in the processing of carbon fiber and composite materials, applied to the luggage sector, in collaboration with leading companies combining the excellent properties of composite materials with design and craftsmanship made in Italy .

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