Epi Carbon Fiber Manufacturing and Steel Constructions

Epi has been involved in the industrial plant engineering sector for two decades.
The company is based in Brindisi within the Apulian Aerospace District.
In this context, Epi has gained extensive experience in the processing of carbon fiber and composite materials and in the construction of machinery for their manufacture.
Epi is organized in three business units: Steel construction, Composite material manufacturing, Industrial autoclaves.

Steel Construction

We provide consulting services, design and production of steel construction.

Carbon Fiber Manufacturing

We evaluate the use of composite materials such as carbon fiber in the development of innovative products or to improve the performance of those already in the catalog.
We study customized solutions in line with the customer’s positioning and pricing strategy. We adopt solutions that allow us to reduce the costs of the molds for the production of the pre-series.

Industrial Autoclaves

We design and manufacture industrial autoclaves and ovens for various industrial applications, offering testing and assistance services.

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